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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  September 20, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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now we've lost you on project runny. >> sadly. >> john: if you can tell me who the final two are, i'll make it sweet for you. that's all we have for tonight. joy is back on monday. >> welcome to the young turks. are you ready for this? there's a new mitt romney. now he's aisis about the 100% of america and i'm concerned about them and those that think government's job is to redistribute, i'm not going to get them. >> what happened? we'll break it down and show you all the tape. it's fantastic. then i've got to tell you one thing about the republicans they are definitely for the troops. except when they're not. they just voted down a bill that would have given them jobs. why? >> because this happened to be a proposal coming out of the white house and is brought to the floor by this senator from
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florida, they're not going to support it. >> unbelievable, man we'll tell you all about that, as well. and then kind of a sad day. arctic ice is melt be at a far greater pace than scientists predicted. >> look at that! look at the whole thing! >> i never imagined that you could see glaciers this big disappearing in such a short time. >> that's a busy of a disastrous story. i'll tell you how much, who we have left in years on the planet. all right that's an over statement, but it's really bad numbers. we'll show you. you know what time it is right? everybody check your watches. it's go time. >> you essentially wrote off
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half the nation: >> that does sound like it. >> it's taken out of context. >> moderate mitt romney was back. >> my campaign is about the 100% of america. >> the election is not about anything else. >> obamacare was bad policy. >> the president said i was the grandfather of obamacare. i don't think he meant that as a compliment but i'll take it. >> medicare's going broke. >> i'm concerned about the fact life has become harder for americans. >> i have a message for my conservative colleagues. calm down. >> now if there's one thing you know about mitt romney, man this man will stick with his message. he is a conservative through and through right? when he was caught on tape saying 47% of the country is dependent on the government and they're not going to vote for him and he's not going to pander to them, in fact, he did a press conference about that tame and
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doubled down on september 17. remember this? >> it's a message which i'm going to carry and continue to carry, which is look the president's approach is attractive to people who are not paying taxes, because frankly my discussion about lowering taxes isn't as attractive to them. i'm not likely to draw them into my campaign. >> good four stick with principle. in fact, he went on fox news september 18, said the same thing. >> i'm talking about a perspective of individuals who i'm not likely to get to support me. i recognize that those people who are not paying income tax are going to say gosh, this provision that mitt keeps talking about lowering income attaches is not going to be attractive to them and those dependent on government and those that think government's job is to redistribute, i'm not going to get them. >> tripling down, way to stay true to principle. today, september 19th he's going to stick with that -- i'm
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getting worried that that might not be the case. >> this is the campaign about the 100%. my campaign is about the 100% of america and i'm concerned about them. i have a record. i've demonstrated my capacity to represent the 100%. >> i thought you were dismissing the 47%. no no, this is a new mitt romney. that was a day ago. of course i don't believe that anymore. now i'm a moderate. you know what, 100%, they're not dependent on anything. i'm going to go for them and they're going to vote for me. you might say ok, he seems to be going in a more moderate position on just that issue. remember what you say about obamacare, here's from june 28 of this year. >> obamacare was bad policy yesterday, it's bad policy today. obamacare was bad law yesterday it's bad law today. >> romney, definitely against
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obamacare. asked about it yesterday. >> i have experience in health care reform. now and then the president says i'm the president of obamacare. i don't think he meant that as a compliment but i'll take it. >> obamacare! i created that, yeah! i'm totally in favor of obamacare. have you ever seen anyone flip-flop like this before? we're only halfway through. now let's go to immigration. during the primary this is the most anti immigration guy you can find. >> if people are not able to have a card and e verify system to determine they are here illegally they're going to find they can't get work here and they're going to self deport to a place they can work. >> self dough portation means you make life so miserable here they have no choice but to leave for immigrants. it was an idea put together by hard line anti immigrant hard line groups. that was mitt romney during the
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primaries. how about yesterday? >> now you're going to deport them or not? i'm not that clear. >> i have friends apparently. [ applause ] >> i'm not in favor that they deport mass deportation effort, i believe people make their own choices as to whether they want to go home and that's what i mean by self deportation. >> no, you meant your own choices. did i say we're going to drive you out of the country? no, of course not, that was during the primary. today, third position in a row i've flip-flopped. i'm a new guy moderate, maybe even liberal. that we're not done yet. how about social issues like gay marriage. you remember the old mitt romney. >> i believe we should have a federal amendment to the constitution that defines marriage as a relationship between a man and a woman because i believe the ideal place to raise a child is in a home with a mom and a dad. >> damn straight.
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well... exactly right? apparently not. here's mitt romney from yesterday. >> and i love my children and i love my grandchildren, and i would of course want them to be happy. my view is this, that individuals should be able to pursue a relationship of love and respect and raise a family as they would choose. >> yeah, if you're gay one choose any family you like! forget what i said a couple of months ago during the primaries! no! no! i love gay folks! this guy belongs in the flip-flop hall of fame. he's broken every flip-flop record there is. it is amazing. i've never seen anything like this and i've been following politics day to day for about 17 years now and this guy crushes everybody in his path in terms of hypocrisy lies and flip-flopping. despite all this, it doesn't
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matter. they are still running away from him. dean he willer, rupp, running. linda mcmahon running for senate in connecticut running. running for senate in massachusetts, running. that may be why he's changed his tone. if you're that insanely right wing, they're not going to vote for you. maybe they looked at the polls and went oh, wow that looks like a bad idea and all of a sudden etch-a-sketch and we've got new liberal mitt romney. doesn't matter, he's still on the clock. it has been three days since the tapes have been released and we are going to keep that count until we can see when mitt romney loses all support from republicans, not just these senators running away from him but when the money shifts from the outside groups and they abandon mitt romney knowing that he has no chance of winning. that's when we'll say ok, you're done. ok? this guy is in deep, deep trouble.
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one last fun thing for you. the republicans held a press conference in the senate. normally they take questions afterwards unprecedented. this time, as i told you yesterday, run run run no question, we'll see you later bye-bye. they don't want to take questions about romney. this is an embarrassment. let's bring in a man who has epic knowledge of this material. ♪ ♪ >> michael shearer joins us now. >> they're sending people everywhere. today, three staffers, two or three staffers depending on what reports you're reading leave new mexico to be mitt romney. it's a smart move. they don't have a chance in new mexico. they thought that was one of the states they were going to be able to turn.
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obama won it by 15 points in 2008. he seems to be up an all the polling there right now. get out of dodge. get out of new mexico. they sent him to nevada and colorado. that's their plan to turn these states. i worked for mike dukakis in 1988 when he pulled out of the florida which was great for me, because all the senior staffers left and became the senior staffer in florida. the feeling is you know where the campaign's going when you see people being pulled like that. >> they are out of new mexico, ran for the hills in pennsylvania, ran for the hills even though michigan has perfectly height trees trees that are the perfect height. none the less, they've fled that state. >> they've taken money, not necessarily staffers. there's no more advertising going to tennessee and michigan. one interesting thing about that it's mutual disarmament. obama has stopped their ads in
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pennsylvania and michigan. that could hurt when you don't have any advertising. >> that's him giving up on three critical swing states that he needed, because those states appear to be in the obama camp. >> today he was leaving where he was, i think florida at that point. he gets out on to the tarmac, someone it is to him hey mitt, hows the campaign going aren't you going to have to campaign harder now? he said we're in the home stretch now aren't we? look at those clouds, it's beautiful. look at those things. it's just a kooky thing to be saying. going to what you were saying at the top of the segment, this is a guy who wants to be president. he doesn't care how he gets there. he feels entitled to the presidency so he just sort of assumes it's going to happen like everything else in his life. it's not really happening right
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now. >> we have this clock when republicans give up on mitt romney. there's a chance mitt romney is going to give up. >> he doesn't seem to be running that hard. >> i think he's going to get on his high horse and perhaps get out. is he wearing a t.y.t. shirt? >> that's the biggest flip-flop i've ever seen. he's you know what i think the young turks have this right. please elect me, please. i'm looking forward to that. romney heading to the sunset. thank you, michael. when we come back, we've got a lot of great stuff four guys. let me tell you all about it, including veterans. you thought the republicans were for them? apparently not based on how they are voting. >> they are coming back from iraq and afghanistan and they can't find work. >> and i'll tell you what the republicans are going to do about it.
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that hypocrisy is unbelievable. >> later in the show, the elbow from the sky. who gets it today? well bring your guesses to@tyconcurrent. welcome to the possibilities of membership. welcome in. american express.
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on my next show, guest host john fuelsang talks to dick cavett and sex columnist dan savage and finds out that "ya know, sometimes grocho's cigar was just a cigar." >> only on current tv. >> you know, if there's one thing you know about the republicans, man they support the troops, right? how many times have you heard that? a million times. how many ribbons did you see all
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over the cars? in fact, late last year, republican senator john busman told him how his mom checks in on him and how he's doing for veterans. >> one of her questions would be what have you done for veterans lately. i was always able to answer that question with a clean conscience while serving in the house and now in the senate. >> great. senator, you're going to get another opportunity to help veterans. now we have a bill that would by $1 billion to make sure veterans get jobs when they come home from war. give them a living, help them out. it's not like they're taking money. we're helping them to get jobs so they are productive members of society. there's no way you're against that right? in fact, they'll probably pass with flying colors. >> on this vote, the yeas are 58 and nays are 40.
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not having voted in the affirmative, the motion is not agreed to. >> the motion is not agreed to? fascinating. so there's 40 senators going support the troops, hell no! they didn't just vote against it. it was 58 to 40 in favor right? but the bill didn't pass. why? they filibustered it. filibuster was supposed to be for extreme events. we're in the minority, we cannot let this pass. apparently that's how much they hate veterans. the rest of the press has gotten so complacent on this. listen to the guardian who normally does a good job but everybody's gotten used to it. they say about the vote: >> no, no, no. a majority is 50. it's not 60. now the republican masses seeped into the reporting. it's only 60 because the
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republicans filibuster everything in their path. they don't like it, who cares. it's something they say you know in this bill, democrats obviously allowed for amendments, eight of the 12 provisions in the bill were proposed by republicans. who cares, president obama wants it, we hate it, we're going to vote against it. support the troops my ass i'm not going to do it. do you know what the unemployment rate is for the troops? 10.9%, three points higher than the national average. we can show you veteran after veteran. we'll show you one talking about how hard it is when they come back. >> i could do any job that they have out here, i could do any one, but this is a matter if the people are billing to take the time and training to help somebody out. >> sometimes i think it would be easier to just go back into the army and deal with all the politics and everything of it because it was job security.
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i mean, it's something i was actually pretty good at. >> yeah, well, too bad. you won't get that opportunity because republicans when they say support the troops what they actually mean is support the nonsense wars we started. support the defense contractors that funnel so much money to our campaign. when the troops actually come home like those folks you just saw, who gives a damn about them. do they ever donate to republican politicians? no. who cares. this bill was giving over $1 billion over five years. it is paid for. they had add provision in there that was going to target unpaid taxes so that we could pay for this. ahh, i don't know, i've got to make up something. what else did the bill do? give priority for police and firefighter jobs for returning vets, jobs tending to federal lands and matching civilian requirements. it's exactly what you would want, what you expect. we've had several conservatives
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come on the show and say one thing we need is jobs for veterans. we propose a bill on that, republicans kill it with with a filibuster. here's bill nelson, democratic from florida talking about why. >> veterans don't care to hear about why we can't help them. they don't care to hear about technicalities of a budget point of order. they want our country to support them in the way that they have supported us. >> and god the republicans have a million excuses. rand paul said i would let you vote on the bill, but remember the pakistani doctor that helped us get bin laden? he's in jail. we're in favor of the pakistani doctor who helped us. it doesn't have anything to do with this bill. they're so pathetic. here's this dough burn guy always pretending to be in favor of the troops until he has to
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put out a couple bucks and would rather have that money go to defense contractors. >> you've got to quit playing 10 kneous accounting. it violated the budget control act, it's exactly the same kind of pardon my word, crap, that congress has done for years that says one thing and does another. >> oh, that's rich, tom. that's rich. the republicans who for decades have been saying support the troops and now do the exact opposite. the ones that play all these tricks with fill busters. the one that see that the bill is paid for and say it's not paid for anyway and you're going to come on here and talk about crap as it flows out of your mouth? please tom. now, remember. >> remember this? >> our top political priority over the next two years should be to deny president obama a
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second term. >> ahh i see. so that's what your priority is. these republicans disgust me. i don't see how anybody looks at that conservative, republican, veteran, non-veteran and thinks those are my guys. they only have your back os long as they're making a buck. the minute they're not they're ready to stab you in that same back. now when we come back, unfortunately, the ice caps in the arctic are melting much quicker than anticipated. what does that mean for us? we'll tell you when we return. >> i do not want to go any lower than this. it's bottomless. >> i'm going out on this broken cliff and i assume it won't collapse. >> then later in the program income and equality. it's getting worse and worse and worse. wait until you see the latest stunning numbers. >> latest is larry ellison
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worth $41 billion. he can now add to his long list of accomplishments that he owns a hawaiian island.
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at republicans are starting to bail out on mitt romney? well, the national cochair of his campaign, tim pawlenty just pulled the chute. he's going to go to the financial services roundtable, the main -- he will not be taking a cabinet position if mitt romney wins. he made that promise. in other words, he think mitt romney ain't gonna win.
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so all of a sudden romney's walking around in the middle of the ring and he's like hey where's my cochair? where is he? i can't believe you did this to me! now, of course, remember, pawlenty didn't get the vice presidential seat that he wanted so all of a sudden, he's like oh yeah? i'm going to wall street. we're not done with the elbows yet because tim i remember when you said you were going to hold wall street accountable remember this? >> wall street's going to be get your snout out of the trough like everybody else. >> then i went to wall street and told them to get their snout out of the trough because they're some of the worst offenders. >> cenk: now tim pawlenty is going to take his snout and put it in the trough. paid up to $1.8 million to try to suck money out of the government for the banks. so tim, all have a a sudden, you're in the middle of the ring. guess what's happening?
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